Speech Story samples

Due next week is a short news story based on the Tedx Talk of David Linden at UNC. What is newsworthy about the talk is NOT that he gave one, but rather his unique view on the subject of touch. Why do humans needs touch? What is his central argument or point? Keep this story straight and objective. The facts and details about HOW touch works–and the research that has proved it–should interest the readers. He offered a lot of specifics for the mechanism of touch, and real world examples. Use them. What fascinated you about the sense of touch? This needs to be all original reporting. Use primary sources, which are the speech itself and Dr. Linden’s website, where you should go to confirm his title at Johns Hopkins University. You’re summarizing his talk and his main points. Do NOT feel obliged to use everything he told you. You won’t. Some of his points can be boiled down to a sentence.

Here is a newspaper story on the Ted Talk of Pulitzer-Prize winner Sonia Nazario

And here is the story on Stephen Colbert’s talk before a show where he told the audience how he met his wife.

For both of these, go back to the original video/talk to see just what the author summarized and kept in the story, and what they left out. What quotes did they use. How did they set them up? Of course, there are millions of samples of speech stories online. Person X gave an interesting talk on a subject and the media covered it. For this assignment, I would encourage you to look for other science-related talks, whether another TED talk or a symposium speaker.



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