Brush With Death

The assignment due next week is a short feature scene on your subject’s life-changing or scariest moment, a moment in time from any period of his or her life that left a lasting impact. Target 400-550 words, but don’t pad. Word count can go higher if you need. Just focus on the moment. Be objective. Don’t pass judgement on any aspects. Let the details/specifics tell the story. Again, all the 5Ws and how and so what. Use at least one direct quote from your story. Let the story have a narrative arch. Tease the scene in the lead, perhaps, and then go in chronological order. Here is one example of this.

Jason Smith literally knows what a ton of bricks feel like. At age 9, Smith was buried under such a pile of rubble.

Now I want to know more!!! How this 9-year-old got to this point, and how he got out. And what the moment did to him both physically and mentally.

From Outside Magazine, a story of a surfer’s brush with death and the impact on his life. Pay particular attention to how the writer recounts the details of the accident.


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