Alternative Leads

Here are some versions of the African wildlife relocation lead…

Lions stalking deer in the stubble of a Nebraska corn field. Elephants trumpeting across Colorado’s high plains. Cheetah slouching through the West Texas scrub. Prominent ecologists are floating an audacious plan that sounds like a “Jumanji” sequel — transplant African wildlife to the Great Plains of North America.  –Source AP

Only an eyeblink of evolutionary time separates the contemporary Great Plains from one resembling the savannas of Africa. It’s not a perfect resemblance, but close enough that ecologists have considered “rewilding” the Great Plains with African mammals.  –Source Wired

Bison beware, a certain roaring predator could soon roam the same prairie

A group of biologists and ecologists have devised a plan to relocate African animals, such as lions and giraffes, to the Great Plains of North America to save these endangered species from extinction.

Prairie dogs, meet Simba.


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