Photo Captions


• Photo caption (first sentence) should identify the people, place and action in the photo.

• Second sentence (if needed) should lend context and perspective to the photo. Perhaps why the action was significant or how it fits into the bigger picture or story being told.

• Clearly and accurately identify the people and location that appear in the photo.

• Be brief. Write tight. Captions are typically one or two lines. You have to really justify writing three or more.

• Overall, help the reader understand what he or she is looking at.


Write a caption for this photo. Here are the facts: The woman running in the photo is Becky Flanagan. She competed in the Life Time Fitness Chicago Triathlon, held this past Sunday, Aug. 30. Becky won the race and set a new swim course record. More than 10,500 diverse triathletes—including former Olympians, physically challenged, elite amateurs and first-time participants—competed in the 28th annual race. Flanagan is 31-years-old.


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